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Kigtropin 100IU


Human Growth Hormone

Studies have been conducted on the effects and benefits of HGH injections; the most complete study was done by Dr. Rudman and was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on July 5,1990. The journal reported that men who had taken HGH injections had shown an 8.8 percent gain in lean muscle mass and a 14 percent decrease in body fat – without any change in diet or activity!
If you look at all the studies that have been conducted on injection therapy you will find the following list of facts demonstrating the benefits of HGH:
14% average decrease in fat 8.8% average increase in muscle and lean body structures Improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance Fewer skin wrinkles
Increased bone density, reversal of osteoporosis Faster healing of any type of injury, fracture, or wound Greatly enhanced immunity and resistance to infection Enhanced brain function, retention of intellect with aging Improvement in Alzheimer and Parkinson’s syndromes Improved sex drive
Improvement in overall physical and mental well being Improved exercise tolerance Improved mood, with less depression and fatigue Improved heart and kidney function Greater cardiac output Elimination of cellulite.

Growth Hormone usage requires time exhaustive study, but a quick guide may start here. GH actually works by releasing IGF1 in the liver. It is used medically in children who are hypo-pitutary affected, resulting in stunted growth. If is more and more being used to counter wasting diseases (AIDS, cancer)
along with Anabolic Steroids (AS). Also rejuvination and age/youth restoration are becoming popular rationalization
for using gh; as it is reported to cause skin, hair, nails, to be age resistant upon gh use, along with restored overall vigor.

The powdered wafer must be refridgerated immediately following reconstitution with sterile or bacteriostatic water.
The gh amino peptide molecules are quite large and are easily ‘torn’ apart if not refridgerated and treated very carefully and delicately. When mixing the powder and the water it must be stirred/swirled-not vigirously shaken, which would break apart the 191 amino acid sequence. It has been found that a branch of the gh molecule can be used for strictly fat loss, and this is currently being studied.
Normal endogenious production begins to decline at 25-30YO.
Therefore it is not usually recommended for those younger than that, who are likely not as advanced in their performance enhancing drug program anyway. GH is for the advanced, experienced user.

Daily doseages are used from 2iu and up to 20iu. Normal effective doseage is probably 4-6iu ED. Duration of a cycle is based on money available (take it as long as you can afford it!). But it should be used at least 8-12 weeks. It also appears that the fat burning effect of gh may continue past the stopage of the drugs for several weeks. Humetrope (81-90iu vials/kit) is probably the most expensive; with Equigen (210iu vial) being the least expensive. All being considered it is not a cost effective drug, and money would be spent most wisely with AS products alone.
If there is excess funds gh purchase can be considered. Normal administration is to inject Subq several times (2-4x) ED, as opposed to IM injections. This will delay the absorption and extend the life of the drug, which is only about 2hrs. Endogenious peak levels are found during the first hours of sleep. For this reason recommended times of administration would be waking AM hours, and at least 2-4hrs before bedtime. This will hopefully keep the peak release of the body normal and intact, assuming the feedback system for gh is not drastically altered by exogenious doseages. If used with insulin one of the injections of the day should be done post-workout.

Side effects include water retention in the extremeties, Carpal Tunel Syndrome like symptoms. These sides will normally cease several weeks after the administration of gh is ended. Possible permanent effects are Type II Diabetes, acgromegely of the bones in the hands feet and face (as would occur in gigantisism, a disease caused by hyper-pituitary excess production of gh). GH may cause insulin desensitivity. Glucophage may be taken to increase the insulin sensitivity in the user, countering the negative effect of the gh.
Some say it decreases Thyroid output also, but the distinct fat burning effect of gh questions the relevance of this claim. Gh is best used with insulin and
Anabolic Steroids (AS). This will cause a synergistic effect of all the drugs used, a very powerful bulking cycle (possibly with less fat retention from high caloric intake, than would be possible without gh) for the advanced user. If no insulin use is desired, gh can be used with AS, and with added glucophage if desired. This will cause little if any bulk gains past what would be realized with just the AS alone, but with a more quality, cut, look.
You should use AS with gh; however some may use gh alone during a short bridge peroid when off AS, in order to retain mass gain on the previous AS cycle. So, basically gh is not a good bulking drug in itself. It is a very good cutting drug and in addition to AS and insulin is part of a great bulking stack.

This is a simple guide to gh use, surely exclusions have been made. Extensive self-study is also required for the use of the advanced sports drug.